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Vancouver Island Marmot

Marmota vancouverensis


Weight: About 3kg in May, 6.5kg in September. Males are heavier than females.

Habitat: Prefers sub-alpine open areas that provide good soil for burrowing, plentiful herbs and forbs to eat, and suitable rocks for lookout spots.

Age to Maturity: 4 years.

Gestation Period: About 30 days.

Birth Season: Pups are born in late May or early June (and emerge from their burrows about a month later).

Birth Rate: Litters of 3-4 per year were most common.

Maximum Age: At least 10 years.

Diet: It is a herbivore. Its preferred food is comprised of the flowering parts of a wide variety of alpine plants.

Threats: Tree encroachment limits the Vancouver Island marmot, and natural succession since the most recent glacial period provides a fundamental explanation for its overall scarcity.
































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