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Panthera tigris


Weight: Varies with species 100-360Kg.

Habitat: Its main habitat requirements are dense vegetative cover, an adequate supply of large ungulate prey (principally deer and wild pigs), and access to a reliable source of water.

Age to Maturity: Average - 3.4 years (female), 4.8 years (male).

Gestation Period: 102-103 days.

Birth Season: Mating takes place year round.

Birth Rate: Generally 2-3 in a litter are most common, at an interval of 20-30 months. Maximum Age: About 15 years (wild), 26 (captivity).

Diet: The principal prey consists of various species of deer and wild pigs, usually in the 50-200kg range.

Threats: Commercial poaching (especially to obtain various parts of its body for Oriental medicine), a declining prey base, and loss of habitat are the principal threats now.
































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