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Snow Leopard

Uncia uncia (Panthera u.)


Weight: Females 35-40kg; males 45-55kg.

Habitat: It is associated with steep terrain broken by cliffs, ridges, gullies, and rocky outcrops with arid and semi-arid shrubland, grassland, or steppe vegetation.

Age to Maturity: 2-3 years (captivity).

Gestation Period: 90-105 days (captivity).

Birth Season: Mating occurs between early January and mid-March. Most births occur in May - June.

Birth Rate: Litter size is 1-5, usually 2-3.

Maximum Age: Up to 21 years (captivity).

Diet: It is an opportunistic predator capable of killing prey up to 3 times its own weight. In general, its most common prey consists of wild sheep and goats.

Threats: Hunting for fur and as trophy, persecution as a livestock predator, and loss of prey due to man's hunting of its prey and competition with domestic livestock.

































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