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Red Panda

Ailurus fulgens

Weight: 3-6kg.

Habitat: It lives in montane/subalpine temperate forests with a bamboo understory, at altitudes between 1500 and 4000m.

Age to Maturity: Approximately 18 months.

Gestation Period: Averages 131 days.

Birth Season: June - July.

Birth Rate: 1-4, usually 2 young per litter.

Maximum Age: 17.5 years (captivity). Generally captive animals don't live longer than 8-10 years.

Diet: It almost exclusively eats bamboo (mostly leaves, supplemented in Spring with bamboo shoots).†† They sometimes supplement their diet during summer with fruits.

Threats: The major threats confronting them are loss and fragmentation of habitat due to deforestation for timber, fuel and agricultural land; poaching for the pet and fur trades; and competition from domestic livestock.
































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