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Pongo pygmaeus


Weight: Females 30-50Kg; males 50-90Kg.

Habitat: It is found in different types of primary rainforest, from swamp forest near sea level to mountainous forest.

Age to Maturity: Females- about 15 years; males 13-15 years.

Gestation Period: 233-265 days.

Birth Rate: 1 young in about every 6 years.

Maximum Age: Up to 60 years.

Diet: About 60% of its diet consists of fruit.The remainder is mostly young leaves and shoots, but also included are insects, mineral-rich soil, tree bark and woody lianas and occasionally eggs and small vertebrates. Water is drunk from tree holes.

Threats: Capture for the pet and zoo trade, especially the capture of young, which usually involved killing the mother; and habitat loss, especially through permanent conversion to plantations and for logging.































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