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Northern Right Whale

Eubalaena glacialis (Balaena g.)

Weight: Up to 96,000 kg.

Habitat: Usually found in temperate waters, although some move just north of the Arctic Circle or just south of the Tropic of Cancer. It is found closer to land, especially during the breeding season than others.

Gestation Period: 9-12 months.

Birth Season: Usually from December to April.

Birth Rate: A single calf at a time per 2-4 years.

Maximum Age: Probably greater than 30 years.

Diet: Diet consists mainly of copepods from the genus Calanus. It will also eat the larvae of krill. It eats about 1000-2500kg of food every day.

Threats: Current threats may include mortality from collisions with shipping and entanglement in nets, competition for food, and exclusion from calving areas due to ship and boat traffic.































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