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Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Lasiorhinus krefftii

Weight: Up to 40kg.

Habitat: It prefers flat, semi-arid grassland with deep, sandy soils and open acacia and eucalypt woodland along inland river systems, where there are patches of dense scrub and ground cover consisting of native grasses.

Age to Maturity: Females 3 years; males 2-3 years.

Gestation Period: 21 days.

Birth Season: November - April

Birth Rate: 1 young per litter twice every three years.

Maximum Age: At least 30 years (captivity).

Diet: Feeds almost exclusively on perennial native grasses. It has extremely low water requirements (amongst the lowest known for any mammal).

Threats: Overgrazing by cattle and drought appear to be the main factors accounting for its decline.






























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