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Mountain Tapir

Tapirus pinchaque (T. roulin)

Weight: About 225 kg.

Habitat: It inhabits montane forests at altitudes of 1400-4700m. It occurs most frequently between 2000-4300m in scrub habitats, dominated by stunted trees and shrubs.

Age to Maturity: 2.5-3.5 years.

Gestation Period: 390-400 days.

Birth Season: Breeding apparently occurs throughout the year.

Birth Rate: 1 young is usually born at a time; rarely 2.

Maximum Age: 30 years.

Diet: Its diet includes ferns and plant shoots.

Threats: Its decline has been caused mainly by habitat loss through clearing (often by burning) for agriculture and livestock. Hunting for meat and sport has also been a factor.






























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