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Capra falconeri

Weight: Females 30-40 kg; males 80-110 kg.

Habitat: It occupies arid Cliffside habitats in sparsely wooded mountainous regions at altitudes ranging from 700m from November to May up to 4000m in the summer. It avoids deep snow.

Age to Maturity: 18-30 months.

Gestation Period: 135-170 days.

Birth Season: Mating occurs during winter; births occur from late April to early June.

Birth Rate: 1 or 2, rarely 3.

Maximum Age: At least 13 years.

Diet: It is a grazer and a browser. In the spring and summer it mainly grazes on tussocks of grass. When these have dried up it browses on leaves and twigs.

Threats: Intensive hunting (for trophies, meat and the Asian medicine market), disturbance and loss of habitat due to expanded human settlement, and competition from domestic livestock.
































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