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Maned Three-Toed Sloth

Bradypus torquatus

Weight: About 4-4.5kg.

Habitat: Occurs in the Brazilian Atlantic Forests.

Gestation Period: 120-180 days.

Social Organization: The maned three-toed sloth is a solitary animal.

Birth Rate: 1 single young.

Maximum Age: Less than 12 years.

Diet: It eats young leaves, tender twigs, and buds, especially those of the Cecropia.

Tidbits: They rarely descend to the ground, because when they are on a level surface they are unable to stand and walk. They can progress only by reaching forward and, when a toehold is obtained, pulling their bodies along the ground. They are good swimmers.

Threats: Loss of forest habitat is the major reason for its decline.Hunting is also a threat.





























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