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Malayan Tapir

Tapirus indicus

Weight: 250-300kg

Habitat: It utilizes various forested habitats, including swamp, lowland, montane and hill forest. It prefers dense primary rainforest, near water bodies such as streams or swamps.

Age to Maturity: 2.5 to 3.5 years

Gestation Period: 390-403 days.

Birth Season: Breeding occurs in April - June, with the young being born about 13 months later.

Birth Rate: 1 calf per litter probably every 2 years.

Maximum Age: 30 years (captivity).

Diet: Diet includes grasses, aquatic plants, leaves, buds, soft twigs and fruits of low-growing shrubs. Green shoots are preferred.

Threats: Reasons for its decline have included capture for the live animal trade; over-hunting; and habitat loss, especially forest clearing for agricultural purposes.































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