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Long-Beaked Echidna

Zaglossus bruijni


Weight: Females- 7.4-9.8kg; males- 5.9-8.0kg; undetermined sex- 10-16.5kg.

Habitat: A wide variety of altitudes, including locations at sea level, in rainforest at 600m, and at 4150m, where the area is comprised principally of alpine meadows.

Birth Season: July

Birth Rate: Lays one egg in it pouch

Maximum Age: At least 31 years (captivity).

Diet: It is insectivorous. Its diet consists almost exclusively of earthworms. Termites and other worms are also eaten.

Threats: It has declined greatly in numbers where it interacts with man, and it is found only where human population densities are low. The major reason for its decline appears to have been traditional hunting - it is a highly prized game animal.
































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