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Jentink's Duiker

Cephalophus jentinki

Weight: Up to 70 kg.

Habitat: Spends much of the year in unpopulated interior hills covered in evergreen forest. However, during the rainy season, between May and October, forest trees produce few fruits, and at this time it makes use of forest edges, secondary growth, scrub and farms to feed.

Age to Maturity: Females: 9-12 months; males: 12-18 months.

Gestation Period: 7.5 months.

Birth Rate: 1per birth.

Maximum Age: 10-12 years.

Diet: Mainly frugivorous, but during the rainy season, the forest produces few fruits, and it comes out of the forest at night and feeds on shoots of shrubs and young trees.

Threats: Loss of its forest habitat due to logging as well as hunting by loggers' employees, commercial bushmeat hunters and native people.































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