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Iberian Lynx

Lynx pardinus (Felis pardina, Felis lynx pardina, Lynx lynx pardina)


Weight: Average: 9.3kg (F); 12.8kg to 26.8kg (M)

Habitat: It prefers a mosaic of woodland or dense scrub for shelter during the day and open pasture for hunting rabbits.

Age to Maturity: 1 year

Gestation Period: Approximately 2 months.

Birth Season: March-September, with a peak during March-April.

Birth Rate: Usually 2-3 young per litter; maximum of 5.

Maximum Age: Up to 13 years.

Diet:It eats European rabbits almost exclusively (93% of prey by weight during the summer), with approximately one rabbit per day needed to fulfill energy requirements.

Threats: Its decline in the second half of this century has been mainly due to the decline of its main prey, the rabbit and loss of the lynx's habitat.






























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