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Humpback Whale

Megaptera novaeangliae

Weight: Average: 30,000-48,000kg.

Habitat: It is a relatively eurythermic animal, occupying cold-temperate to tropical waters. It is basically oceanic but enters shallow tropical waters for the winter breeding season.

Age to Maturity: 4-6 years.

Gestation Period: 11-11.5 months.

Birth Season: Calving occurs primarily in the winter (October - March in the Northern Hemisphere and April - September in the Southern Hemisphere).

Birth Rate: 1 young every 2-3 years.

Maximum Age: 77 years.

Diet: Those in the Southern Ocean feed mainly on the Antarctic krill. In the Northern Hemisphere diet consists of planktonic crustaceans and small schooling fish such as herring, capelin, pink salmon, Arctic cod etc.

Threats: Populations were considerably reduced by whaling.

































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