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Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monachus schauinslandi

Weight: Female about 250kg; male about 170kg.

Habitat: It is found on ocean island beaches and coral reefs, and in water up to a depth of about 30m. Age to Maturity: Approximately 6-7 years.

Birth Season: December - August, with a peak from March - May.

Maximum Age: 30 years.

Diet: It feeds on a variety of fish and invertebrates in the vicinity of coral reefs, including eels, octopus and lobsters.

Threats/Reasons for Decline: Hunting was the major reason for its decline prior to 1909. Recently, human disturbance such as beachcombing, jogging, and harassment from pet dogs has apparently harmed reproduction and survival by adversely affecting activities such as hauling out, pupping and feeding.































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