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Grevyís Zebra

Equus grevyi


Weight: Females 350-400kg; males 380-450kg.

Habitat: It lives in semi-arid bush/grass mosaics with a preference for tracts of grassland growing on deep sand, hard-pans, sumplands and in areas where fire and elephants have degraded the dominant Acacia/Commiphora woodlands.

Age to Maturity: 6 years (wild); 3-5 years (captivity).

Gestation Period: 390-400 days.

Birth Season: Usually August or September, but mating and births can occur all during the year.

Birth Rate: Usually 1 young at a time at 2 years interval.

Maximum Age: Up to 18 years (wild).

Diet: Grasses make up about 70% of its diet. It also browses on shrubs and trees.

Threats: Loss of grazing habitat and access to water, due to competition with increasing herds of domestic livestock, is the primary threat.

































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