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Giant Panda

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Weight: 75-160kg.

Habitat: It occurs in montane forests with dense stands of bamboo at altitudes of 2700-3900m. It may descend to as low as 800m during winter but usually does not occur below 1200-1300m because of man's impact on its habitat.

Age to Maturity: 5.5 Or 6.5 years (captivity).

Gestation Period: 3.5-5.4 months.

Birth Season: Females are only fertile for 2-3 days once a year sometime during April - May. Births usually occur during August or September.

Birth Rate: 1 Or 2, rarely 3 per litter.

Maximum Age: 34 years (captivity).

Diet: Diet consists mainly of bamboo shoots and bamboo roots. It also eats bulbs of plants such as iris and crocus, grasses and occasionally fish, insects and small rodents.

Threats: The greatest threat to its survival may be the loss of its habitat.































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