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European Mink

Mustela lutreola


Weight: Female up to 440g; male up to740g.

Habitat: It inhabits the densely vegetated banks of creeks, rivers and lakes. It is rarely found more than 100m from fresh water.

Age to Maturity: 10 months.

Gestation Period: 5-10 weeks.

Birth Season: Mating takes place from February - March. Births occur in April and May.

Birth Rate: 2-7 young per litter, usually 4 or 5.

Maximum Age: At least 6 years (12 years in captivity).

Diet: It is a carnivore. It eats small mammals (especially the water vole), birds, frogs, molluscs, crabs, fish and insects.

Threats: Reasons for its decline include hunting, habitat loss, water pollution and competition with its American species, which was introduced into Europe in 1926 for fur farming.































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