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Ethiopian Wolf

Canis simensis (Canis semiensis, Simenia simensis)


Weight: Females 11.2-14.2kg; males 14-19.3kg.

Habitat: The Ethiopian wolf is a localized endemic species and is confined to isolated pockets of grasslands and heath lands, where it preys on rodents.

Age to Maturity: Second year.

Gestation Period: About 60 days.

Birth Season: October-December.

Birth Rate: 2-6 pups per litter per year.

Diet: Analysis of fecal samples in one study revealed that rodents account for 96% of all prey.

Threats: In the late 1980's, domestic dogs were recognized as a threat because they compete with them for food; transmit diseases, such as rabies and canine distemper; and mate with them, hybridizing the species.































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