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Acinonyx jubatus


Weight: 30-72 kg. Males are heavier than females.

Habitat: They are distributed primarily throughout the drier parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Although they are most frequently observed on open grassy plains, they also make extensive use of bush, scrub, and open woodlands.

Age to Maturity: Females 24-36 months; males 30-36 months.

Gestation Period: 90-98 days.

Birth Season: Year round.

Maximum Age: 12-14 years (captivity: up to 21 years).

Diet: Gazelles are generally the main prey species.

Threats: In the past, captivity, sport hunting, and the fur market all contributed to a decline. Habitats have been reduced by agriculture, degradation of rangelands and competition from domestic stock, following increasing occupation of the habitat by human communities.































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