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Boto (Amazon River Dolphin)

Inia geoffrensis


Weight: Females: 80-120kg; males: 120 - 180 kg.

Habitat: It uses fresh waters of all types in its habitat but is not found in estuaries or other saline waters.

Age to Maturity: 6-10 years.

Gestation Period: Approximately 11 months.

Birth Season: Reproduction is synchronized with the annual river cycle. River levels start to fall beginning in July, and are lowest in November. Births coincide with the beginning of the drop in water level.

Birth Rate: A single calf per 4-5 years.

Maximum Age: About 30 years.

Diet: Its diet is known to include over 50 species of fish, usually less than 30cm.

Threats: It is vulnerable to human-induced habitat changes and suffers some incidental mortality in fisheries. Hydroelectric development poses the biggest threat.
































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