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Black Rhinoceros

Diceros bicornis

Weight: 950-1800 kg.

Habitat: Found in semi-desert, bush country with thick cover, grasslands, and in montane savanna and rain forest up to 3500m. All rhinos are dependent on mudholes for wallowing.

Age to Maturity: Females 5-7 years old; males 7-8 years old. Gestation Period: 14-16 months.

Birth Season: Births are possible during any month, but a peak occurs from the end of the rainy season through to the middle of the dry season.

Birth Rate: 1 Young/2-4 years.

Maximum Age: 40 years.

Diet: It browses on a wide variety of plants. It drinks almost every day when water is available from pools or rivers.

Threats: In the last several decades, killing to obtain the horn has been the predominant cause of mortality.




























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