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Asian Elephant

Elephas maximus


Weight: Females average 2720kg. Large bulls weigh 5400kg.

Habitat: Currently occupies forested habitats in hilly or mountainous terrain, up to about 3600m. It is adaptable and can occur in a wide range of habitats, from thick jungles to grassy plains.

Age to Maturity: Females 9-12 years; males 10-17 years.

Gestation Period: About 22 months.

Birth Rate: 1 calf every 3-4 years.

Maximum Age: Sixty years in the wild (more than 80 years in captivity).

Diet: It eats grasses and small amounts of leaves, woody parts of trees and shrubs - twigs, branches and bark.

Threats: Persecution of due to the crop damage they are perceived to cause, hunting (mainly for ivory but also for meat) and habitat loss due to expanding human population and the loss of forests in Asia.





























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