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Arabian Oryx

Oryx leucoryx

Weight: 100 - 210 kg.

Habitat: Flat and undulating gravel plains intersected by shallow wadis and depressions, and the dunes edging sand deserts, with a diverse vegetation of trees, shrubs, herbs, and grasses.

Age to Maturity: 25 and 46 months.

Gestation Period: 9 months.

Birth Season: Any month.

Birth Rate: A calf once a year.

Maximum Age: About 20 years.

Diet: Eats mainly grasses. Herbs, seedpods, fruit, fresh growth of trees, tubers and roots also form part of its diet. It can go for weeks without drinking water.

Threats: Over hunting, by Bedouin for meat and hides as well as sport hunting by motorized parties.





























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