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The Game


The Endangered Species Board Game as the name implies is a game about endangered animals and nature conservation.


It is uniquely designed with innovative faux fur covering, bright colours and stunning graphics. It features 40 of the most endangered animals on the planet with real pictures and relevant information and bio-data about all the animals. It is a game for the whole family from ages 4 and up and is absolutely non violent.

It is actually two games in one because it also comes with a trivia card game.


The game comprises of a game board, a pair of dice, 16 chips, 40 tiles and a deck of 42 cards.


The objective of the first game, habitat is to save endangered animals from extinction and safely moving them to their natural habitat while confronting a number of environmental conservation issues. In the second game, Zoo Trivia, you collect animals for your zoo by answering trivia questions about the animals. It is a fun, interesting and learning experience.


It is ideal as a fundraising tool for conservation organizations, as a teaching tool for teachers (our website has a section for teachers where they can download our deck of cards and use it as instructional materials). Most of all it is good entertainment for the whole family while creating awareness for issues that concerns us all.


Children and adults will love it. Perfect coffee table game because of it's innovative design. Also ideal for picnics and family gatherings.


Children will learn to recycle and not too leave the lights on and that alone should pay for the game several times over.


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